Smart Pictures syndicates high-quality, digital celebrity content to newspapers, magazines, websites and broadcasting stations world-wide. 


If you have a tip about whereabouts of a celebrity or a important event maybe happening, contact us at info@smartpictures.co.uk with more information. 
If we act on your information, you may be rewarded with a cash amount! 


Are you already producing high-quality, visual content for the celebrity entertainment and news industry? Do you want your work marketed globally? 
Well, Smart Pictures are always welcoming new contributors and described here, are some of the reasons why becoming a Smart contributor, can be a very rewarding experience. Every day, people see high-quality, visual content published in newspapers, magazines and on broadcasting stations around the world, supplied by Smart Pictures. 
With over 29 years experience in preparing media for worldwide syndication and sales, we can assure you, that your work will be in incredibly safe hands throughout using our services. Over the years, Smart Pictures has gained and protected, a professional and friendly relationship within the UK press market and the company has gone from strength to strength, based on this factor. With this and the consistency of selling celebrity images and video at the highest possible rates, higher than most UK agencies/distributors, your relationship with Smart Pictures will no doubt be a financially rewarding journey. Throughout all contributor services, Smart team will endeavour to keep your interests and concerns at the highest level of priority, at all times. Whether you wish to syndicate to one country, one newspaper or to Smart Pictures' entire network, we can assist in creating the best package, to suit your valuable syndication needs. 
Below is handful of contributor features and services offered by Smart Pictures Send using multiple transfer methods including FTP, email and more; 
  • Fast, creative and highly experienced picture desk editors and technicians. 
  • Friendly and accurate sales and accounts department for fast, speedy payments. 
  • Thorough copyright and licensing department, protecting the use of your contributions. 
  • Constantly researching new areas of the market, increasing sales and exposure of your contributions. 
  • A valuable, reliable connection to the UK press market, getting stronger daily. 
  • Highly presented invoices, sales reports and general administration.. 
  • Your media sold globally, at the highest rates in the industry. 
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